The Swamp Fat Jangles sound emanates from a secret swamp near Sydney’s South West where the mosquitos buzz, the screen door yawns and verses are sung out on the porch.

Live on stage, these tales are layered with the watery scapes of guitar pedals and bowed banjo, driving drums, articulate bass and the three-part harmonies of whisky drinking ladies.

With three songwriters, Swamp Fat’s songs are sometimes raucous, sometimes reflective or eerie, their folk/blues sound exploring the themes of gothic imagery in Australian landscapes, folklore, the highs and lows of modern society, and chickens.

Influences range from the dark country of Timber Timbre and Barbara Dane, to the

sprawling and intricate arrangements of Grizzly Bear and Radiohead and the good old blues of Muddy Waters.

“Swamp Fat Jangles conjure up a melancholic palette of heartache and harmonies on their bittersweet new single ‘You Only Love Me When You’re Drunk’. The song wonderfully recalls the heavy-lidded sway and the rich, worn melodies and red wine moods of Jolie Holland and The Secret Sisters. It’s the more fragile side of their sound too – live they can whoop a storm of guitar, banjo and percussion, swinging from country to folk, heavy soul and New Orleans jazz leanings. ”
– Post To Wire

Photo: Kaillan Clay

Members Jessica Fitzpatrick, Ness Cassey, Jack Isackson & Hollie Matthew hail from the four points of Durban, Windsor, Sydney and the Southern Highlands respectively.

Over the years the band has played regularly around well known Sydney venues and travelled north on two tours around the Northern Rivers and regional areas of the East Coast, and hit the stage at Vivid Sydney, Subsonic Music Festival, Newtown Festival, Nimbin Roots Festival, and Peats Ridge Festival.

Their debut single ‘You Only Say I Love You When Youre Drunk’ was recorded at Turning Studios with Jack Prest and Tim Curnick. Mastered by Ben Feggens at Studios 301, and is available to stream NOW on soundcloud and youtube

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